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About Judicate West

We are one of California’s leading providers of private dispute resolution services, with a distinguished roster of more than 100 proven neutrals. Our select panel includes retired state and federal court judges and knowledgeable attorney mediators and arbitrators from a broad cross-section of practice areas.  Our service area encompasses all of California, covers the nation and extends internationally.
Judicate West was founded in 1993 when local management acquired the West Coast assets of Judicate, Inc., the National Private Court System.  Since then, we have grown in both size and reputation, driven by the principle of delivering “results beyond dispute” for our clients. Experienced case managers and administrators serve our clients and support our panelists to promote results and to ensure neutrality. Durable solutions achieved efficiently, effectively and creatively will convince you that Judicate West is the first and last option in your search for skilled dispute resolution professionals.

How do we accomplish what other ADR providers can only claim?

We understand that you expect service, solutions and results, so our work for you begins long before you hire one of our respected neutrals. We work tirelessly to attract, develop and retain a panel of the industry's most sought after neutrals.
We know your legal community and the climate you have to work in.  As such, we can successfully bring to the bargaining table the right people, at the right time, before the right neutral.  Our highly trained and dedicated case managers are the best in the business:

  • They possess the years of experience and training necessary to match the neutral’s personality, style and specialty with the attorneys' that you will be negotiating or arbitrating with and also with what the parties need;
  • They have the professional training, skill and tenacity to bring the most truculent parties to the table;
  • They have a minimum of five years on the job training.

We work with our neutrals and clients in a constant feedback loop from observation and client surveys and advise our neutrals about who would be good mentors and training partners from within our organization and beyond.   
When expectations are high and you need results, we invite you to call and learn more about the many reasons our customers have become regular clients and have trusted us over the years to be their dispute resolution consultants on all their cases. 

1851 E. First Street
Suite 1600
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (800) 488-8805
Fax: (714) 834-1344

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