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Mediation Evaluation Form

Thank you for your recent participation in a Judicate West (JW) mediation. Your feedback is very important in our continued efforts to improve our service. All information is confidential and only shared on a broad constructive level with no names or cases referenced. Please help us by evaluating your experience and submitting this form

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On a scale of one to five, please rate the mediator on the following qualifications, and JW on your overall experience with us. If you would like to comment further on any item, please contact us at eval@judicatewest.com

Mediator Evaluation

  Dissatisfied   Neutral   Very Satisfied  
  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Was committed to listening and getting all the facts
Was prepared, knowledgeable, and understood the parties' concerns
Presented and explained strengths and weaknesses in a neutral, candid and effective manner
Worked at a good pace and used time effectively
Was tenacious and firm when necessary
Was insightful and/or provided creative solutions

  Yes No
Were you and your client pleased with the mediator and process?
Would you use this mediator again?
Would you recommend this mediator to others?
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In what ways could your mediator have been, or was, particularly
helpful/effective in assisting you to resolve your dispute?
Was this mediation ... Voluntary, or
Court Ordered?
If voluntary, was mediation initiated by ... You,
Your opposition, or

Administration Evaluation

  Dissatisfied   Neutral   Very Satisfied  
  1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Was the case administration, scheduling and confirmation process efficient and effective?
Was the JW staff knowledgeable, responsive, courteous and thorough?
Were the conference room facilities and amenities comfortable and convenient?
If the administration of your hearing was not satisfactory,
please explain.
Would you recommend JW to others? Yes No
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Thank you. We value your business and time in completing and submitting this form.

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