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Hon. Victor E. Bianchini, Ret.

Retired Superior Court Judge and Retired Federal Magistrate Judge

Judge Bianchini was appointed a Federal Magistrate Judge for The Southern District of California in 1974. After 8 ½ years of service, he was appointed to the State Court Bench. He retired from the Superior Court in San Diego to pursue his passion for mediation as a full time neutral in 2002. He was later recruited by the Federal Courts in New York as a settlement judge for complex civil litigation and prisoner civil rights matters. During his tenure on both the state and federal benches, Judge Bianchini mediated more than 3,500 cases ranging from simple to multi-issue complex matters. Among his settlements are many multi-million dollar verdicts in complex cases ranging from patent cases to class actions. Judge Bianchini is known to be an advocate for the settlement process while using a warm and caring approach. Many clients praise him for not giving up and truly exploring every avenue for possible settlement. One client said, "he is a wonderful person, knowledgeable, and an extremely effective mediator".
  • 2007-2011 US Magistrate Judge North & Western Districts of New York
  • U.S. Magistrate Judge, Western District of New York (part-time) (2002-2007)
  • Full-Time Mediator, Arbitrator and Private Judge, Judicate West, (2002-2007)
  • Superior Court Judge, San Diego (1998-2002), County-wide Settlement Judge and IC Overflow Trial Judge
  • Municipal Court Judge, El Cajon, California (1982-1998), Presiding Judge (1993, 1997 & 1998)
  • U.S. Magistrate, Southern District of California (1974-1982)
  • Military General Courts-Martial Judge, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (1984-1987)
  • Administrative Law Judge, Agricultural Labor Relations Board (1979)
  • U.S. Commissioner, Southern District of California (1968-1969)
  • Professor, National University/Thomas Jefferson School of Law (1976-2002)
  • Law Offices of Victor E. Bianchini, General Practice (1968-1974)
  • Associate Professor, San Diego State University, (1968-1974)
  • US Marine Corps Reserve, Colonel (1959-1991), Vietnam Combat Service (1965-1966)
  • Law Clerk to Chief Judge James M. Carter, Southern District of California (1963-1964)
  • JD – University of San Diego
  • BA – Political Science, San Diego State University (1960)
  • Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, National Judicial College (2001); Extensive formal mediation training, Pepperdine University
  • Senior Fulbright Scholar to Country of Eritrea, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Consultant to Minister of Justice (2002)
  • Associate Professor, Legal Advisor, International Student Advisor, San Diego State University (1960)
  • Naval Justice School (1970)
  • San Diego County Bar Association, Chair Ethics Committee (1973)
  • Military Judges’ School, University of Virginia, (1983)
  • Chairperson, Criminal Justice, Law & Public Administration Dept., National University, Lead Faculty, 1978, 1986-1989.
  • Member, National University Faculty Senate, (1997)
  • Member, Faculty and Faculty Council National Judicial College (1994-1998)
  • Traveled to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan consulting to educate judges and to establish mediation programs in court and with governmental agencies for the National Judicial College (1998)
  • President, San Diego County Law Library Board of Trustees (1993, 1995)
  • President, San Diego County Law Library Foundation Board of Trustees (1993-1995)
  • Federal Judicial Center Mediation Skills Program for U.S. Magistrate Judges (2003, 2012)
  • Pepperdine Mediation Seminars, Standard & Advanced (1998, 2000, 2012)
  • Certificate in Judicial Development and Alternative Dispute Resolution, National Judicial College (1998-2000)
  • President, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum Historical Society (2007-2009)
  • President, Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association, San Diego Chapter (2001)
  • Vice President, Treasurer, Director, San Diego County Bar Association Board of Directors (1978-1980)
  • Chairman, Board of Visitors, University of San Diego School of Law (1977), Member, (1975-1978).
  • San Diego Lawyer Magazine Editorial Board (2004-Present)
  • Business/Commercial, Insurance Coverage/Bad Faith, Products Liability, Medical/Legal Malpractice, Civil Rights, Family Law, Mortgage/Foreclosure, Employment & Class Action Suits, Intellectual Property, Securities, Shareholder Suits, ERISA, Highly Sensitive and/or Catastrophic Personal Injury, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Homeowners Association Disputes, Jones Act/Maritime, Aviation, Franchise, Professional Liability, Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), Family Law (Property and associated issues only)
  • Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Judge of the Year (2007)
  • President’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Evidence, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego (1992)
  • “Volunteer of the Year,” Mt. Carmel High School, Poway School District (2006)
  • “Trial Judge of the Year” Awarded by the San Diego Trial Lawyers Association (1992)
  • “President’s Award,” awarded by the San Diego Trial Lawyers Association for educational contributions as Lecturer in CLE Subjects (1991)
  • “Special Recognition Award” by San Diego Trial Lawyers Association for educational contributions as Lecturer in CLE Subjects (1988)
  • Special Award for Educational Contributions, San Diego Trial Lawyers Association
  • “Legal Professional of the Year,” Foothills Bar Association (“Big Footie” (as in “Foothills” Award of the Foothills Bar Association, East County Lawyers) (2001)
  • Family Law Judge of the Year awarded by Foothills Bar Association & El Cajon Superior Court (2002)
  • "Outstanding Professor" award, National University (1979)
  • "Legion of Merit" for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service, United States Marine Corps for service during "Desert Shield/Desert Storm," while in Washington, D.C. (1991)
  • "Bronze Star" with Combat "V" for meritorious achievement in connection with operations against an opposing armed force in Vietnam, United States Marine Corps (1965-1966)
  • "Air Medals" (3) for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flights involving conflict with an opposing armed force in combat in Vietnam, United States Marine Corps (1965-1966)
  • Judge Bianchini and his wife travel frequently, visiting their daughter in Lexington, Virginia where she is a law student at Washington & Lee School of law. He has two daughters from a previous marriage - one is a Special Agent for the FBI, and his oldest daughter resides in New Zealand where she is a Digital Producer for the New Zealand and Hollywood movie industry.

    He enjoys volunteer work and is involved in many foundations.

    He is extensively involved in the sport of Sabre Fencing and was ranked 6th in the World in 2011. Judge Bianchini is the current U.S. National Champion in Veteran's Sabre Fencing - 2012 to 2013.

    Judge Bianchini has an extensive aviation background. In addition to his assignment with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Vietnam as a helicopter crewmember, he is a commercial, single and multi-engine instrument rated pilot, and a rated captain in the Cessna Citation (C-500) twin engine business jet. He is also a rated commercial helicopter pilot and a long-term owner of a Beechcraft Bonanza.

    In his spare time Judge Bianchini enjoys teaching, playing tennis, golf, playing the piano and tinkering with his vintage BMW motorcycle with sidecar.
  • All of California