Neutral Affiliation Qualifications
Effective 5/1/2022
We take pride in recruiting distinguished former judges and attorneys who have transitioned from successful legal careers to serve as neutrals. All our mediators and arbitrators have varying experiences and professional styles, but they share a common goal of helping parties move beyond conflicts.
Our mediators excel at creating durable and innovative solutions to even the most complex disputes, never accepting “impasse,” and through tactical communication skills and exceptional proficiency in creating value to settlement negotiations, our mediators consistently exceed expectations. Our reputation for delivering results beyond dispute is built on the unwavering dedication of our mediators, who tirelessly pursue closure for all parties involved.
Our arbitrators are highly sought after in the legal community for their integrity, dedication, and experience. They bring a range of essential skills and expertise to each case, including mastery of the arbitration process, industry-specific and legal knowledge, and the ability to produce clear, reasoned decisions that adhere to due process principles. Judicate West arbitrators take pride in their meticulous research and commitment to achieving just results.
We are honored and flattered by your interest in possibly serving on our roster. Please find below an outline of the background and criteria we will evaluate in considering your candidacy.
EDUCATION & LEGAL EXPERIENCE (must meet both criteria in this section)
  • B.A. or B.S. and J.D.
  • Fifteen years of Litigation, Transactional, or In House Experience with at least five years in litigation
NEUTRAL / JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE (must meet one criterion in this section)
  • Minimum of two years on the bench as a Judge, Commissioner or Federal Magistrate Judge
  • A minimum of ten combined years serving as Judge Pro Tem and/or Judicial Arbitrator or Mediator for the public courts
  • Half of either of the above experience plus at least one full year as an active private neutral
PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND (must meet two criteria in this section)
  • Active member of the state bar and in good standing
  • Member of at least two legal and/or dispute resolution related organizations
  • Have a history of leadership positions and/or as a respected active member/participant on committees and boards, in firms and organizations
ADR TRAINING & EXPERIENCE (must meet at least one criterion in this section)
  • Forty hours of mediation training
  • A minimum of five years of dispute resolution experience and having heard at least three hundred cases through court program(s) or privately
  • Three years experience as a full-time private neutral with a minimum of at least one hundred and eighty cases heard
  • Maintain an existing ADR client base with documented revenue of at least one hundred and fifty thousand dollars
REFERENCES (must meet at least two criteria in this section)
  • Provide at least three references covering all your practice areas heard as a neutral and broken down to include practitioners from all sides
  • Several Judicate West neutrals as references
  • Judicate West personnel feedback after shadowing at least two of your mediations
PRACTICE BUILDING (must meet five criteria in this section)
  • Must be in an economic position and ready to commit your practice to full time neutral work within one to two years
  • Have clearly defined goals and objectives
  • Have a professional website dedicated to your dispute resolution career
  • Have mission statement as to why you changed your career to private dispute resolution
  • Share a marketing or business plan on how to build and survive building a successful dispute resolution practice
  • History of participating as a speaker or author for established legal groups, publishers and bar association pertaining to civil litigation and/ or dispute resolution related issues
  • Continually obtain new knowledge, network, and commit to become recognized for expertise in a niche area or in an underserved geographic location
REMAINING AN ACTIVE PANELIST (must meet all criteria in this section)
  • Retiring and remaining retired from the practice of law
  • Remain committed to living the JW culture
  • Must handle a minimum of twelve cases per year administered to by JW to remain on active status. Failing to do so may lead to at least a temporary de-listing from our roster