JUDICATE WEST Establishes Hall of Fame with a Short Ceremony & Celebration in Conjunction with its 20 Year Anniversary
Judicate West

Judicate West (JW), one of California’s leading providers of private dispute resolution services, held a beautiful event at the Huntington Harbour Bay Club, with a private ceremony honoring the two inaugural inductees Hon. Russell Bostrom (Ret.) and Hon. William “Bill” Sheffield, (Ret.). Friends, family and colleagues joined together as the sun set on the bay, to celebrate these two talented former judges who started their private mediation/arbitration practices with JW over 20 years ago.

Judge Bostrom began his storied ADR career as an extremely fair, highly sought-after arbitrator who has the distinction of being JW’s very first neutral. As he became a major force in the industry he utilized his unique natural talent, energy and charismatic humor to transition out of arbitration to become one of the first “rock star” mediation-only judges. His perseverance and insight were crucial in blazing the trail for other JW neutrals, and his unwavering confidence, support and loyalty were absolutely key in solidifying JW’s reputation as one of the best in the industry. He continues to serve and excel as a full-time mediator.

Judge Sheffield another longtime, extremely successful and popular JW neutral, was recognized for being a decisive arbitrator, who utilized his creativity, tenacity and skill at the beginning of a transformative time in the industry and emerged as one of the first true artists of mediation. He has been described as a “friendly, outgoing maverick” by his peers, and was known to connect personally with many people throughout the community and the legal profession; his steadfast character and optimism are an inspiration to all. This occasion not only marked his induction into the JW Hall of Fame but it also marked his retirement as he has moved on to pursue another one of his many passions.

Alan Brutman, President of Judicate West commented, “JW would not be here today if not for these two incredibly talented and wonderful guys who really put us on the map. Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have them as friends and colleagues. We are excited to continue on with this tradition at our annual company retreats, additional inductees will be voted in for their contributions and overall impact throughout their many years of service with the company.”

JW remains committed to raising the bar of excellence in private dispute resolution with neutrals who are best-in-class and who bring their own unique energy, creativity and resolve to every case that comes before them. Their Roster of Neutrals is comprised of some of the most respected retired state and federal court judges and highly skilled, professional attorney mediators and arbitrators.