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Christine Allen has worked in the Southern California legal community for over 30 years. She practiced personal injury defense for 18 years. She attended Pepperdine University Straus Institute for mediation training in 2004 and has been highly successful in mediating cases for the past 12 years. She has mediated over 1500 cases, with the vast majority of the cases settling either at the mediation, or with persistent follow-up.

Christine is an excellent listener, and feels strongly that injured/aggrieved plaintiffs must be given an opportunity to have their feelings heard and validated before they can move towards a resolution. Christine realizes how stressful litigation is for all concerned, and tries to make the mediation a pleasant experience for all. She is adept at the use of humor as a tool in mediation.

One attorney commented, "Christine is an experienced litigator with good people skills so she relates well to litigants and counsel. She is direct, but not pushy and she treats the parties with dignity and respect." Another attorney stated that Christine's mediation style is "authentic, disarming, and from the heart.”



I have never had a mediator work as hard as Christine has to help get a mediation resolved.
- Attorney, Los Angeles County, California

Christine's understanding, commitment, persistence and neutral handling of this case was extremely helpful in saving all the parties from a long and arduous battle. I would count on her again in our other cases.
- Attorney, Orange County, California

Christine's demeanor and compassion helped my client feel very comfortable during mediation. I was impressed with her follow-up post session, and her continuing efforts were able to help resolve the matter. She went over and above, unlike what I have experienced with other mediators. I will work with Christine in the future and recommend her to others.
- Attorney, Los Angeles, California

I share [her] joy at getting this case wrapped up, and thank [her] VERY much for [her] extraordinary (and successful) efforts to settle this unusually challenging case. [She] certainly validated my recommendation, and reinforced my already positive opinion of [her] skills as a mediator. Moreover, it's just a pleasure to interact with you.
- Attorney on a real property/landlord tenant dispute


Experience Summary

Legal Career

  • Full-Time Mediator (2004-present)
  • Attorney, Law Office of Christine A. Allen (2002-2004)
  • Attorney, Staff Counsel for Progressive Insurance (1988-2002)
  • Law Clerk, Hillsinger & Costanzo (1986-1987)

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • Pepperdine University, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (2004)
  • Western State University, College of Law: J.D. (1988)
  • Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, Indiana: B.A. (1981)
  • Member, Southern California Mediation Association (2006-present)
  • Member, Orange County Trial Lawyers (2010-present)

Hobbies & Interests

Christine loves to spend time with her family and their Collie, "Bodhi". She enjoys running at the beach, watching sunsets, yoga, is an avid horseback rider and just recently took up golf. She also enjoys spending time in their second home in Montana. Christine is semi-fluent in Spanish, having studied it for eight years and having lived in Mexico for one year.

Legal Experience

  • Personal injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Sexual Battery
  • Insurance
  • Breach of Contract

Representative Case Information

Recent Representative Cases


Construction Defects

  • Plaintiffs hired defendant company to remodel their kitchen. Some of the cabinets did not match and the work was substandard. Wife highly emotional as the remodel was an anniversary gift from husband.


Wage and Hour

  • Pregnant employee fired.
  • Plaintiff claimed he was forced to clock out, but then continue to work nearly every day. Also claimed that he did not get rest breaks. Also claimed that after filing his lawsuit against the company, his boss threatened his life.



  • Insurance subrogation involving multiple parties arising out of a fire at a restaurant.
  • Insurance company subrogation claim against negligent driver for damages paid to their insured.


Civil Rights

  • Woman breastfeeding in a public place was asked to cover up by city employee. Defense attorney commented that he didn't think a male mediator could have settled the case.

Personal Injury

  • Scientist trips over box at supermarket, resulting in rotator cuff tear. Six-figure settlement.
  • Elderly woman with dementia falls on sidewalk at senior living complex.
  • Extremely emotional case in which Spanish-speaking, female employee was sexually assaulted in bathroom at work. (Spoke Spanish with plaintiff, which was very helpful.)
  • Very emotional case involving a young woman who was attacked by a pitbull and has residual scarring and pain.
  • Extremely emotional case with woman walking her two large dogs when an approaching small dog got away from young owner and charged the large dogs. One of the large dogs picks the small dog up in its mouth and starts shaking it. Woman tries to save the small dog from harm, and is injured in the process.
  • Young girl attacked by dog with residual scarring on her thigh.
  • Highly emotional case where Hispanic woman claimed she was groped by the interpreter while in dressing room at doctor's office.

PI Auto

  • Dad carrying baby struck in crosswalk resulting in injuries to dad.
  • Extremely emotional case where three family members killed in a crosswalk by a drunk driver. Limited policy limits.
  • Defendant made lane change into plaintiff on a motorcycle. Plaintiff ejected and rolled on freeway for 100 yards. Fractured finger and injuries to neck and back
  • Young woman rear ended on surface street. Defendant driver flees scene. Soft tissue injuries.
  • Tire comes off tractor-trailer rig, flies across freeway into oncoming traffic and hits plaintiff's vehicle resulting in serious neck and back injuries with epidurals done, and surgery recommended. Six-figure settlement.
  • Man saws off fingertip while working for a family member who failed to warn him of a dangerous condition in the area where he was using power saw
  • Insurance subrogation involving multiple parties arising out of a tour bus hitting fire hydrant causing flooding damage and loss of use to adjacent hotel. Weeks of follow-up resulted in settlement.
  • Very emotional case with woman involved in auto accident miscarried her unborn child. Causation of miscarriage disputed.
  • Defendants' tenant had a pit bull in backyard who escaped and attacked plaintiff and her small dog. Plaintiff had long standing pre-existing neck and back injuries, including a neck fusion. Plaintiff had low back fusion after incident.

PI Sexual Molestation

  • Young male sexually molested by church youth leader.

Policy Distribution

  • Two-car rollover accident resulting in significant injuries to five plaintiffs. Limited policy limits.

Premises Liability

  • Mother with family at entertainment venue when chair collapses, resulting in patella dislocation, knee surgery, and potential need for total knee replacement. Six-figure settlement.
  • Plaintiff slips in water at pharmacy. Significant injury to coccyx with ongoing problems.
  • Doctor on a bike path falls off bike due to unsafe condition resulting in significant injuries. Six-figure settlement.
  • Elderly, diabetic woman fell at the mall and fractured her patella. Six-figure settlement.
  • Minor plaintiff ran in to a sliding glass door at an apartment complex in the common area for a birthday party. Glass was not tempered and she suffered multiple large cuts. Multiple scars on arms and legs.
  • Seven-year-old Minor plaintiff severely injured when she ran through a sliding glass door that was not tempered glass resulting in multiple cuts that resulted in scarring and future scar revision surgery necessary.
  • Young plaintiff sitting on block wall separating back yards with leg hanging over in the backyard of defendant who had a Pit Bull mix. Dog jumps up and grabs child's leg, pulls him to the ground, breaking his leg and biting through his foot. Ongoing psychological problems for the child, plus residual scarring. Case settled in mediation.

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