Matthew is based in Judicate West's Santa Ana headquarters, and serves on the executive committee. For more than two decades Matthew has held a highly trusted leadership role in the company's pursuit of using technology to leverage results and gain improvements in Judicate West’s business model. Matthew and team developed Judicate West's proprietary case management system and continue to extend the capabilities of this unique asset; and now as a member of the executive team Matthew is more entrenched in company operations and is charged with realizing the next level of technology and operational achievements to bring even more value to Judicate West's clients, neutrals and team. Matthew’s deep experience in technology, and especially enterprise software systems, across multiple industries including legal, media, advertising, tourism and real estate aid in the creative work of innovating solutions to new challenges to be faced as our industry continues to evolve.

Matthew's love for computer software started early, as a grade school student, and blossomed throughout his teens and on into adult hood. Even while serving in the U.S. Army as a MANPADS Stinger Missile gunner, stationed in Germany, Matthew’s primary interests outside of work were computer programming, and studying computer science at the University of Maryland’s European Campus. After leaving the ARMY to further pursue his interests Matthew studied computer science at Cal State University Bakersfield and started a small software company implementing custom software for firms in various industries. When Matthew took on a new client in 1997, a young ADR company named Judicate West – he had no idea the relationship would ultimately lead to the most rewarding professional endeavor of his career.
"The one thing I enjoy the most about innovating for Judicate West's clients, neutrals, and team is the very real impact that together we can all have on the work and personal lives of so many people. We do our best to help JW's clients and neutrals to achieve optimal results. And that has a far-reaching effect, and we can take pride in knowing we contribute to that"

Matthew, his wife DawnEllen, and their three children live in Southern California. Outside of work Matthew enjoys spending time with his family, and pursues interests including travel, history, and research into methods of improving software development processes.