Rosemarie Chiusano Drohan is based out of the company's West Los Angeles and Downtown Los Angeles offices and is a member of the executive committee. Rosemarie began her dispute resolution career in New York in 1991 with Judicate Inc., moved to California in 1992, and was an instrumental member of the team in 1993 when Judicate West became a separate entity from the parent company. In addition to her executive team responsibilities, her duties include case management and consulting, in-house training at law firms, insurance companies and the JW staff and neutrals. Rosemarie also maintains an active role in the company's marketing, advertising and public relations.

She earned an associate's degree in paralegal studies and a bachelor's degree in business management. She participates on panels for various bar groups, is a frequent speaker at ADR industry events and conferences, and contributes to industry publications.

Rosemarie is a founding and currently active board member of the Judicate West Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to justice and legal services for the under privileged.
She is also a board member of Public Counsel and the Beverly Hills Bar Association's Committee on Empowering Women. Spending time with her two boys is her number one priority away from the office, and she also enjoys running, yoga, and wine tasting.