Alan Brutman is a principal of Judicate West and a member of the executive committee. He is responsible for overseeing operations, strategic growth and management of the company and its distinguished roster of Neutrals. In addition to leadership responsibilities, Alan remains very involved in all aspects of Judicate West's marketing and promotional efforts. He also serves as a Case Consultant and assists many clients and neutrals in resolving their most challenging case management assignments.

Alan earned his Bachelor of Arts in business administration from the University of Maryland, School of Business. After graduating, he spent two years as a commercial real estate leasing agent. In 1991, Alan moved to California to pursue his entrepreneurial interests, eventually joining the newly formed west coast operations of Judicate, Inc., the National Private Court System. In 1993 he was the driving force in the founding and early growth of Judicate West and was the lead architect of the company's initial business model; with the collaboration of his partners, he continues to refine that model.

Alan is based in Judicate West's corporate headquarters in Santa Ana and lives in Orange County with his wife Karen, their daughter Gabrielle and son Aiden, and the two family dogs, Sammi and Willie.
"Words cannot express the love and gratitude my partners and I have for our colleagues and neutrals who have made the dream of Judicate West(JW) a reality. I am also humbled by the many clients who go the extra mile to show their appreciation for our services by regularly sharing the positive experiences they have with JW to new and prospective clients."