Improve the Justice System by providing Access to Justice

About The JUDICATE WEST Foundation

The Judicate West Foundation (JWF) provides funding to nonprofits to support designated projects that enhance understanding of and access to justice, provide education in conflict resolution and peer mediation, and in general improve the administration of justice.

Since 2011, the JWF is proud to have funded many dozens of programs which have made a positive impact in schools, courts and in our communities.

Foundation News

Western Justice Center Grant Awarded

With the assistance of donations and pledges from Judicate West and others, we are excited to report the funding of one grant to date during the curre... Read More >>

Our Board Members


Rosemarie Chiusano Drohan
Board Member and Executive Director


Darrell Forgey, Esq.
Board Member


Var Fox
Board Member


Jay Cordell Horton, Esq.
Board Member


Michael Moorhead, Esq.
Board Member


Thomas Sharkey, Esq.
Board Member


Rachelle Snow
Executive Secretary


Robert Tessier, Esq.
Board Member, Treasurer and Secretary

Available Grants

Grant Application Requirements

The mission of the JW Foundation is to support organizations and projects that increase access to the Courts and/or which improve the image and public understanding of the Courts. It is a charitable organization, recognized as such by both the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board.

Grant seekers are requested to submit a written grant application that meets our requirements.

For a printable copy of our grant application requirements - click here

Awarded Grants

The Judicate West Foundation (JWF) is comprised of pledges donated from Judicate West and its neutrals. Since 2011, the JWF has been funding grants yearly from many statewide nonprofit organizations that fit with our mission statement.

2020 Grants

Grant Awarded: Kids Managing Conflict

This year they started the Judicate West Foundation Young Peacemaker Award which was awarded to two recipients for their exemplary leadership in peer mediation and conflict resolution.

Grant Awarded: San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program

Help provide equal access to the legal justice system through pro bono legal assistance to indigent clients, including domestic violence victims and abused/neglected children.

Other recipients

Loyola Law School, WLALA Foundation, Veterans Legal Institute, Constitutional Rights Foundation OC, Inner City Law Center, and of course the Wester Justice Center.