Technology Services

Judicate West has been leveraging technology to improve our clients' experience and the efficiency of our business processes for decades. We have established a long term strategic partnership with our primary IT Solution Provider, Matthew Ferry of Snap Data & Logic, Inc. Matthew Ferry and his team bring a wealth of technology experience to the table and provide custom software development services as well as general IT support and management of all of our IT systems, services and vendors.

Matthew and team originally developed and have been continuously enhancing and maintaining our custom case management software system for many years. Over the years the system has grown and now this unique asset supports almost every aspect of our business and continues to provide avenues for Judicate West to create new and innovative solutions benefitting our clients as we pursue excellence in our business.

"The one thing I enjoy the most in providing technology services to Judicate West is the very real impact that together we can have on the work and personal lives of so many people. We do our best to help Judicate West do their best as they make a difference for their clients. And that has a far reaching effect. We are proud to be so closely aligned with a company like Judicate West."

-Matthew Ferry

Matthew Ferry is the founder of software and IT services provider Snap Data & Logic, Inc. and time tracking software service TimeSnap.