Technology Services

Judicate West has been leveraging technology to improve our clients' experience and the efficiency of our business processes for decades. We have implemented a long-term strategy of developing custom software innovations to fit our business processes like a glove rather than adjusting our business processes to fit a cobbled together suite of off the shelf software not designed for companies like ours.

The core of our technology strategy is our proprietary case management system, which serves as the operating system for our company, and provides a wholistic surface area to manage our business processes that is entirely controlled by us. This lets us continuously improve and enhance our services as well as adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

The system integrates every major function that we need, from case and calendar management all the way through to accounting functions, and provides purpose-built features and access for our clients, neutrals, and team.

In Office Technology Amenities

In addition to our proprietary platforms we also provide numerous technology amenities in our offices for in-person cases, many of which now include a Virtual component as well.

Our in-office technology includes high speed and stable wi-fi access for our clients, client business centers with computer workstations and printers, Smart TVs in many conference rooms, and dedicated video conferencing equipment and devices available in all conference rooms.

Technology Assistance

If you or your clients require any form of technology assistance during your session, whether virtual or in-person, we have an excellent IT support team ready to assist with any technical challenges including issues with Zoom, computers, internet access and more.