Neutral Selection Criteria

We pride ourselves on our ability to seek out noted former judges and attorneys who after successful legal careers are now refocusing their dedication by serving as neutrals. Judicate West neutrals are not "retired"; they are actively engaged in their second or third legal career as professional dispute resolution practitioners.

All Judicate West mediators and arbitrators, regardless of their widely varying experience and professional styles, have certain bedrock skills and objectives in common. In short, they recognize and create resolution possibilities that go beyond the dispute while helping the parties move past conflict. In that way, we help our clients achieve results that will please and surprise even the most experienced litigator.

Our Mediators

Our mediators are renowned for adding value to settlement negotiations by helping the parties craft effective, durable and innovative solutions to the most daunting conflicts. Our mediators do not understand the term "impasse." A case that doesn't settle on the day of the first scheduled mediation has simply taken a "time out" for further reflection and research. You can be assured that Judicate West's mediators will come back to you time and again with proposals for further discussion. This is often accomplished over the telephone or via e-mail at little or no added charge, making your choice of Judicate West mediators something your clients will appreciate.

All possess the following qualifications:

  • An unusually high degree of proficiency in structuring each resolution opportunity
  • The tactical skills necessary to improve communication, build trust, counter hardball tactics and bridge cross-cultural divides
  • The ability to create and structure agreements that go beyond mere compromise to increase the value of all available options and better achieve the parties' objectives

We consistently hear from clients that their cases would "never have settled" without the dedicated work of the Judicate West mediators, who relentlessly persisted when resolution appeared hopeless, never gave up, and exceeded their expectations to pursue closure for all involved. These deliverables are the hallmark of our reputation for providing "results beyond dispute."

Our Arbitrators

The legal community seeks out Judicate West arbitrators for their integrity, dedication and experience.

The attributes they bring to each matter include the following:

Mastery of the process, including a proficiency in case management, discovery and swift and efficient direction and control of the hearing

  • Expertise in the industry and in the legal specialty that is the subject of the arbitration
  • Skill at writing sound, reasoned opinions or simply delivered decisions that, with or without a written rationale, satisfy principles of procedural and substantive due process
  • Pride in researching and following the law to reach just results