Consumer Arbitration Disclosures

As per the requirements of Section 1281.96 of the Civil Court Procedures, as a provider of dispute resolution services, Judicate West will post on a quarterly basis the requisite information related to Consumer Arbitrations handled through our organization.

Included in the report is the name of the non-consumer party or parties, the result of the Consumer Arbitration, the hearing officer, and the percentage of fees paid by the non-consumer party. If you should notice any information that appears inaccurate or if any cases you are aware of fail to appear, please notify our Santa Ana office at (800) 488-8805 or use our Contact us form to notify us immediately. Our entire organization is dependent upon your assistance in this regard to assure full and proper disclosure. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

We offer our Consumer Arbitration Disclosure information in two formats. A standard downloadable PDF version, and an interactive version.

The PDF version can be searched using freely available PDF reading software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

Foxit reader can be downloaded here.
Adobe reader can be downloaded here.

The Interactive version provides a way to both search and sort the results, and allows you to page through the results on the website.

Please click the Download PDF Version button below to obtain a copy of the current PDF report. If you would like to search and sort results interactively - please use the Online Version button below.

The current reporting period is through September 30th, 2020

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