Focus Groups allow a means of obtaining opinions related to a specific case or subject matter. It gives the trial team an immediate view of jurors' perceptions. The number of prospective jurors ranges from six to several dozen depending on the nature and size of the case. It is arranged by an experienced jury consultant who knows the venue, moderates the groups, develops research questionnaires and suggests theme development to counsel.

Focus groups make it possible to utilize jury research for a moderate size case to your "bet-the-company" size case to help determine your settlement or trial strategy.

You have come to trust our neutral services for your Mediations and Arbitrations, we now offer a new service to help you test your case before you go to trial or dispute resolution!

Our focus group facility features: Two comfortable rooms with mobile furniture for easy set-up with state-of-the-art equipment including remote-controlled cameras & microphones, a viewing room with TV/DVD recording and playback capabilities and an additional conference room for meeting and conferring.

For more information on our Focus Group program please call Rosemarie Chiusano-Drohan at (310) 442-2100.

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