Jury Mediation

Introducing Jury Mediation


Judicate West is pleased to offer our specialized process proven-to-break impasse. With the assistance of your mediator, the presentation of select key issue(s) to a jury professionally curated for your case will lead all parties to reevaluate their case and enhance the likelihood of resolution.

  • Cost effective: The cost is split evenly among the parties
  • Flexible: The format can be designed to meet the needs of your case
  • Delivers results: Our team at Judicate West is well trained in this highly effective process that has resulted in many settlements of cases deemed unable to be settled in mediation

Jury Mediation Handbook

The Jury Mediation Handbook is a PDF document that provides information on the process and can be used as planning guide.

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Jury Mediation Articles

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Jury Mediation Videos

Jury Mediation is a powerful alternative for cases that may otherwise not settle.

Please watch the below videos to hear the first-hand personal experiences and thoughts of prominent Neutrals on this innovative approach.

Hon. Russell Bostrom discusses the multiple benefits of Jury Mediation.

Hon. Judith C. Chirlin discusses the multiple benefits of Jury Mediation.

Jury Mediation Fee Schedule

Juror Fees - Half Day ProjectRecruiting and Incentives$250 - $300 Per Juror*
Juror Fees - Full Day ProjectRecruiting and Incentives$375 - $425 Per Juror*
Facility ChargesRoom Rental, Taping of groups, Parking, Food$1,500 - $2,800**
Professional Services FeesOrientation of Parties Toward Project Goals$500 + $250 Per Additional Party
Project AdministrationProject Logistics and Preparation$750 - $1,250
Consultant Professional Fees - Half-Day ProjectCase Review, Consultation with Parties, Facilitation of Jury Mediation$3,200 - $4,000***
Consultant Professional Fees - Full-Day ProjectCase Review, Consultation with Parties, Facilitation of Jury Mediation$6,000 - $8,000***

*Costs may be higher for jurors who travel out-of-county.

**Size and scope of project. number of jurors and parties may affect these costs. If counsel does not have needed equipment (LCD projector, ELMO, etc.) this may add additional cost.

***In a half-day project, this assumes 3-5 hours of case review and consultation with parties. In a full day project, this assumes 5-10 hours of case review and consultation with parties.

Note: For cases with a smaller size and scope, different fee arrangements may be available.

Jury Mediation FAQs
Resolution Beyond Traditional Mediation™

  • Jury Mediation is a proven advanced resolution process that allows litigants insight into a jury's reaction to a legal issue or other intractable cause of impasse, providing better analysis on trial risks and the potential jury value of a case.

    Jury Mediation is a unique and innovative form of focus group or mock trial jury research. It is conducted cooperatively with all parties within the mediation framework. This procedure offers all parties a real-time view of the process by which jurors give insight into how a jury may interpret the evidence and the law.
  • Jury Mediation is used both as an early case evaluation tool and for parties in the mediation process who have reached an impasse on any of the following issues:
    • Differences in perceived dollar value of settlement
    • Disputes over the meaning of evidence
    • Disputes over the interpretation of law in the case
    • Litigant's emotional attachment to the issues in the dispute
    • Differences in how key witness testimony will be received
    • Significant differences over credibility of experts and their opinions
    • Where both parties are concerned about the cost, time, and risk of trial
  • YES! All cases that have utilized the Jury Mediation process have resolved. Since we can't guarantee success in every Jury Mediation, the benefit that can always be counted on is effective use of the results of the jurors' feedback for your future trial and settlement strategy.
  • The mediator and the Decision Analysis consultant confer with counsel to establish the goals and guidelines of the Jury Mediation, which may differ from case to case. Agreements are made first about the issues to be presented, and then about the number of jurors, the date, location and duration of the Jury Mediation, and other logistical and procedural elements. On the day of the Jury Mediation, mock jurors listen to case presentations from plaintiff and defense counsel, view demonstrative evidence, and hear witness testimony and basic jury instructions. The jurors then deliberate in view of the parties, their attorneys, the mediator, and the consultant. Following the deliberations, the Decision Analysis consultant meets with the mediator to provide feedback and insight about the jury's discussion, decision process, and how that might translate into a jury's reaction to the case in the actual trial. The parties and the mediator choose a time to convene for their next mediation session, often directly following the focus group.
  • Depending on the number of issues, complexity and volume of evidence, desired witness testimony, as well as number of parties in the case, the parties determine whether a half-day or full day Jury Mediation is appropriate. For example, a half-day project provides for about 45 minutes of attorney case presentation and 30 minutes of witness testimony for each side. Full-day projects can accommodate two and half hours of combined attorney presentation and witness testimony. While these evidence presentations may be limited, it is remarkable how much of a complex case the Jury Mediation jurors understand in this limited time.
  • For each Jury Mediation, Decision Analysis researches, recruits, and carefully screens a jury that is reflective of the demographic characteristics of the juries that typically are seated in that jurisdiction. We use multiple recruiters with vast databases of jury-qualified participants. Since we pay the mediation jurors more than summoned jurors get paid, we usually have a willing and attentive group of respondents. All parties receive full demographic information on each participating juror (gender, age, ethnicity, education, occupation, etc.). Depending on the venue of the case as well as the budget of the parties, a jury of between six and twelve jurors is seated. In full day Jury Mediations, multiple jury panels can also be employed.
  • Jury Mediation, like all mediation, works best when the parties reveal all or most of the evidence that pertains to their evaluation of the case. However, if there are certain issues a party does not wish to disclose, they would still be able to test the known evidence and general issues in their case without revealing certain undisclosed evidence or strategies. Additionally, the Jury Mediation, can be conducted so that each side presents their case outside the presence of the other party.
  • Since all sides are vested in the process, the parties split the fees equally. For a two party, half day Jury mediation with six jurors, the cost is approximately $5,000 per side, excluding the mediator's fee.
  • We stress that the Jury Mediation is not meant to be predictive of what a jury would do in a case but more illustrative of what they may very well do. This process is meant to reveal risks that both parties would face in a trial. Lawyers who have done well with this process have learned from juror feedback and are able to address their concerns through additional evidence or refined case presentations. Consequently, the mediators are able to have candid, more meaningful discussions with the attorneys and their clients about trial risks, without the speculation or guesswork that comes with trying to forecast a jury's response.
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